Here’s Where You Should Travel According To Your Star Sign

So, you want a holiday but don’t know where to go? You could browse the trending travel destinations for 2020 or work backwards from big international events. Or you could embrace the cosmos and pick the perfect travel destination for your star sign.

Dorothea Lasky and Alex Dimitrov run the wildly successful Astro Poets, a Twitter account that does pretty much what it says on the label — the duo combine poetry and astrology and the results are inspiring and honestly just a bit beautiful.

They teamed up with Airbnb to match each star sign with its perfect travel destination for 2020. So if you’re stuck on the where, take a minute to find yourself in this list for some poetic travel inspiration.

Here’s where you should travel according to your star sign:

Aries: Brooklyn, New York


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The glitz and lightning-fast pace of Brooklyn is a natural fit for an ambitious and romantic Aries. But when an Aries is done with their adventures, the thing they need most is a place to be a queen. The Astro Poets think this room in the city, with lush indoor plants and views that are sunny during the day and neon-soaked at night, is the perfect fit for an Aries.

Taurus: Paris, France


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A Taurus, one of the best-dressed signs, needs a city that’s as glamorous as they are, and no city matches the grandeur of a Taurus like Paris does. No city makes you feel like the star of your own romantic comedy quite like Paris will, and the city allows a Taurus to do their favourite thing — indulge, whether that’s on food, wine or art. This glamorous apartment has a glorious view of Montmartre and Sacré-Cœur, and is full of natural light.

Gemini: Bergen, Norway


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Sometimes, all a Gemini needs is a bit of quiet solitude with their own minds, so this penthouse apartment in the serene Norway town is exactly the kind of peaceful retreat they need in 2020. Most of all, they’ll appreciate how close the apartment is to everything, and also how easily they can leave the clamour to be alone.

Cancer: Luján de Cuyo, Argentina


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Cancers love to get lost and fully immersed in small towns like Luján de Cuyo in Argentina. They’ll also love all the malbec here. This house, with its open spaces and massive windows, is the perfect spot for a Cancer to stay when they don’t want to feel separated from the town they’re diving into.

Leo: Milan, Italy


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Whatever is the most glamorous will attract the most Leo energy, and this private room in Milan is no exception. Leos will adore the Milan’s vivacious nightlife and will relish in entertaining new friends in this charming room near the action.

Virgo: Scotland, United Kingdom


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Virgos take care of everything and everyone and often forget about themselves. So of course, say the Astro Poets, they have a fantasy of leaving it all behind and being in a peaceful, secluded space like this tiny cabin with massive windows in the middle of Scotland.

Libra: Harbour Island, Bahamas


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Libras have a lot going on, and 2020 will be no exception. So this tiny, pink-hued mansion will delight them endlessly. It’s secluded enough to help a Libra wind down for a few days, but close enough to some of the best restaurants and beaches of the Bahamas to keep them entertained.

Scorpio: New Orleans, Louisiana


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Scorpios have a beautifully chaotic energy, which is why New Orleans is the perfect holiday spot for them. It’s the kind of city with a lot of soul and depth, with bold and unforgettable experiences waiting around every corner, and mansions like this with dark rooms built out of converted libraries.

Sagittarius: Palo Alto, California


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Sagittarians love their freedom, and there’s something about this private space in Palo Alto that will make them feel as free as if they were walking through the countryside just beyond their windows. The Californian city has plenty of farmers’ markets and hiking trails, and it’s just a short trip from San Francisco — perfect for the moment when a Sagittarius wants a big city adventure.

Capricorn: Shanghai, China


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Capricorns are the hardest workers around, so it’s hardly surprising that they’re not exactly a “relax by the beach” kind of person. An industrious city like Shanghai is the perfect destination for a solo traveller, and the Astro Poets have picked out this minimalist, compact apartment in the centre of the city for a Capricorn.

Aquarius: Minato-ku, Japan


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Aquarians have an old-fashioned love of ethereal beauty and will be drawn to this spot in the middle of TokyoThis house promises an endless acceptance of whatever it is an Aquarian plans to do in the city, whether it’s cook, dream, or just lie in a bathtub.

Pisces: Pinherios, Brazil


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Pisces relish exploring, which is why a trip to Brazil is in the stars for 2020. Pinherios is just far enough away from home to make something like texting your exes seem like a good idea (because who knows what good might come from it?), and this apartment is the perfect place to stay when you want to make an unfamiliar city feel familiar.

(Lead image: Daniil Vnoutchkov; Anthony Delanoix / Unsplash)