These Are The Top 20 Travel Destinations For 2020

If you’re still sorting your travel plans for next year, have no fear! Airbnb has released its 20 for 2020 list with the top twenty trending travel destinations for the new year, and tbh we’re struggling to not put in every single day of our annual leave right now.

The trending travel destinations for 2020 are mostly lesser-known and eco-conscious cities and countries, as well as places that are preparing for big events. The research reveals a lot of emerging hot spots, plus blossoming culture hubs like Milwaukee, US (which topped the list, no big deal).

Airbnb based the list on its year-on-year growth in bookings, which reveal some big numbers for Australia — Sunbury in Victoria took out the number four spot.

Check out the full list of trending travel destinations below, but to inspire some serious wanderlust, here are the top 10 trending destinations on Airbnb’s 20 for 2020 list:

#1 Milwaukee, US


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“This historic gem on the shores of Lake Michigan often slips under the radar but has a terrific bar and restaurant scene and fascinating cultural attractions that include a Calatrava-designed art museum.”

#2 Bilbao, Spain


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“Visitors to the area are rewarded with a lively dining scene, breathtaking architecture and an unforgettable cityscape. Next year, Bilbao will also become a top destination for sports fans: it’s one of the host cities of Europe’s most beloved soccer competition.”

#3 Buriram, Thailand


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“The rural province of Buriram is home to some of Thailand’s most treasured Khmer relics. Its best known monument is the incredible Phanom Rung complex which is comparable in grandeur to its much more famous Cambodian neighbor, Angkor Wat.”

#4 Sunbury, Australia


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“A short drive northwest of Melbourne, the suburb of Sunbury is a popular spot with savvy locals thanks to its wildlife, wineries and Victorian-era architecture.”

#5 Romania


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“Romania, with its pristine hills and ancient rural villages, is the perfect destination for anyone looking for something off-the-beaten-track. The country has some of the best preserved virgin forests in Europe and, according to the 2018 Environmental Performance Index, ranks 15th globally when it comes to ecosystem vitality.”

#6 Xi’an, China


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“Often cited as one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization, Xi’an is best known as the home of the terracotta warriors. Today, the capital of China’s western Shaanxi province is a major culinary melting pot while its numerous historical monuments have earned it the nickname “China’s outdoor museum”.”

#7 Eugene, US


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“Thanks to the surrounding natural beauty, Eugene has long attracted eco-conscious newcomers many of whom have helped make the city a hub for the organic food industry.”

#8 Luxembourg


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“The country’s forested hills are home to medieval castles, rocky gorges, charming villages and superb vineyards.”

#9 Guadalajara, Mexico


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“Guadalajara operates at a less frantic pace than Mexico City yet it has a wealth of attractions to reward visitors — from its colonial architecture in the hipster Chapultepec neighbourhood to an impressive selection of festivals and museums.”

#10 Vanuatu


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“This picturesque archipelago nation is home to rugged islands, deserted beaches and stunning Pacific wildlife. The range of activities on offer are also diverse — from hiking up a volcano to world-class scuba diving.”

Here’s the full list of Airbnb’s 20 for 2020 trending travel destinations:

  1. Milwaukee, US
  2. Bilbao, Spain
  3. Buriram, Thailand
  4. Sunbury, Australia
  5. Romania
  6. Xi’an, China
  7. Eugene, US
  8. Luxembourg
  9. Guadalajara, Mexico
  10. Vanuatu
  11. Cali, Colombia
  12. Cape Canaveral, US
  13. Aberdeen, Scotland
  14. Courtenay, Canada
  15. Ubatuba, Brazil
  16. Les Contamines-Montjoie, France
  17. Tokyo, Japan
  18. Kerala, India
  19. Malindi, Kenya
  20. Maastricht, Netherlands

So there you go, your travel plans next year are sorted!

(Lead image: Elijah Lovkoff / Shutterstock)