Sydney Dance Company Has Moved Their Classes Online So You Can Shake Your Booty In Iso

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Now is the time of picking up new hobbies, and none would be more brag-worthy than coming out of this mess with some new killer dance moves. Enter the Sydney Dance Company’s Virtual Studio.


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I, personally, love to dance. Sadly, however, my ridiculously lanky limbs mean that I can’t dance well — in fact, I’m often told I look like those Whacky Inflatable Arm Men. This doesn’t mean I lack any enthusiasm, but it does mean the idea of joining a live streamed dance class is actually MORE appealing to me than an IRL one.

The deal is simple, you sign up for a $28 a week membership, a $12 single class or various class packs in-between. Then download Zoom (which we ALL have by now anyway, right?), and book your classes.

I’m just saying, you’d all best be prepared for me to emerge from isolation as a hip hop star. Well ok, that’s a blatant lie, but whatever I’ll have fun anyway.

There’s also ballet, jazz, tap, latin funk and more. There are plenty of beginner options too, so anyone can join in.

Unlike a lot of live streams happening at the moment, these Zoom classes mean you can actually talk to your teacher and ask questions.

Head to the Sydney Dance Company website to start booking, and download the app to start scheduling classes.

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