Watch This Family Put Your Dance Moves To Shame With Their Daily Battles

One of my favourite things coming out of this quarantine situation is how people are finding creative ways to connect with each other, while still being safe and respectful.

My latest fave is this American grandad / granddaughter duo having dance battles from across their street.

While the two live oh-so-close, social distancing rules mean they can’t actually visit each other at the moment. The solution? To battle it out, obviously.

“This is the street that separates my house from my parent’s house, and is typically crossed multiple times throughout the day,” explains Sherrie Neely, the daughter and mother linking these two together.

“Kira loves her ‘Papa’ so much and they’ve now started daily ‘dance offs’ since the virus is keeping them separated.”

I haven’t posted on fb in forever…but I love this video so much! This is the street that separates my house from my…

Posted by Sherrie Neely on Saturday, March 28, 2020


Look, I’m just going to state the obvious here — these two have some seriously groovy talent. Although I think we can all agree that those donkey kicks earn Kira the crown.

“My Dad is turning 81-years old next month and I’ve never seen him dance, but he’s really putting forth great effort and has some special moves,” continues Sherrie. “I’m sure the workers think we’re crazy!!!”

Maybe they do Sherrie, but if so then they have zero sense of fun and light. This whole thing is actually just too adorable.

(Lead Image: Facebook / Sherrie Neely)