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Pizza Hut Is Giving Away 50,000 Free Pizzas This Week, So There’s Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner Sorted

Time marches on. The world changes and we change with it, and nothing exemplifies that better than the fact there are almost no Pizza Hut buffets left in Australia. But the pizza chain is still kicking, and to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary, Pizza Hut is giving away 50,000 free pizzas all week long.

Specifically, Pizza Hut is giving away 10,000 takeaway pizzas every day from today until Friday, August 7. The giveaway will run from 4pm to 6pm every day. You don’t need me to tell you that’s a total of ten hours to claim a free large pizza (I only understand basic maths when it’s pizza-related).


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To get one, just head over to the Pizza Hut website between those hours, fill in your details and choose your nearest takeaway store. You’ll get a code that you cam redeem online and is valid until August 31. We simply love to see it.

The code will score you a free large pizza with your choice of five different toppings, including Super Supreme, BBQ Meatlovers, Pepperoni Lovers, Hawaiian and Cheese Lovers.


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It’s worth pointing out that only the first 10,000 people each day will get the freebie, but free pizza is always worth a shot tbqh.

And hey, if you miss out and your name is Karen, you can still get a free pizza from Domino’s. As long as you’re a Karen in name only and not one of those anti-mask, pro-abusing-Bunnings-staff Karens.

It’s also worth noting that Pizza Hut has a giant Hershey’s chocolate chip cookie on the menu. Their entire dessert offering is top notch, with a Hershey’s brownie, tubs of Ben & Jerry’s, mini Magnums and a four-pack of Golden Gaytime.

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