Excuse Me, Did You Know Scotland Has A Gin Spa?

If, like us, you spend your spare time looking for delicious new ways to consume a gin and tonic, we have two words for you: gin spa.

Located in Glasgow and run by the team behind Gin 71, a chain of gin bars, the aptly named Gin Spa is inspired by the botanical ingredients of some of the world’s best gin. Sadly, you won’t be bathing in a vat of G&T, but it’s the next-best thing.

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It would be remiss of us, however, not to mention that each treatment comes with snacks and something to sip on, along with a bite of scented chocolate. This might actually be the most perfect place on the planet.

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Services, like massage, facials and nail, are tailored to boost energy or happiness, calm you down or help you detox, and you know they know their stuff.

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The Gin Spa is open between 12pm and 8pm, Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 6pm on Saturdays, and 10am to 7pm on Sundays.

How to get to Scotland’s Gin Spa

  • Fly into Glasgow Airport
  • Take the 500 service to Waterloo Lane (3 stops)
  • Walk 600m via Miller Street
  • 2 Virginia Circuit, Glasgow

(Lead image: Jennifer Pallian)

H/T: Lonely Planet