San Francisco’s Colour Factory Makes A Splash On Instagram

San Francisco's latest summer spectacle opened its doors this month.

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Is your life missing a pop of colour? Need a break from the ordinary? San Francisco has you covered, with its latest summer spectacle opening its doors this month.

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The Colour Factory, a 3650-square-metre pop-up colour spectacular is the handiwork of Oh Happy Day artist Leah Rosenberg and designer Erin Jang. The spectacle features 15 unique and quirky creations housed within a two-story space, including a confetti-filled snow globe room, a holographic prism room and a glass-walled balloon room.

The highlight, however, has to be the monstrous yellow 201,000-ball pit (reminiscent of Sydney’s ‘Ball Pit Beach’), which has made all of our greatest childhood dreams a reality.

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So, if you’re ready to paint the town red — or any other colour, for that matter — The Colour Factory will be on view for the entire month of August. It’s open daily, except Wednesday, from 10am to 10pm. Tickets are $40 ($32USD) and can be purchased via the website.

(Lead image: The Colour Factory)