You’ve Gotta Eat This: Crazy Cronuts At Speedos Cafe, Bondi

We've died and gone to sugar heaven.

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What is it? You may have heard of cronuts – those mad croissant/donut hybrids that came into prominence at the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City. If you’re not up for the trek over to the U.S. (and the hour long queue just to get one of these pastries), lucky for you a cafe in Bondi has introduced their own cronut masterpieces.

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Where can you get it? Speedos Cafe, on Ramsgate Avenue in North Bondi.

What’s in it? Well let’s start with the humble cronut – mixing two of your favourite pastries was bound to result in greatness. Then let’s talk about Speedos’ toppings – anything from M&Ms and cream cheese frosting to edible flowers and berry jam. Honestly, there’s every type of topping you could think of, jammed on top (and inside) these delectable treats. Fairy floss, ice cream cones, oreos, sprinkes, chocolate bars – you’ll have died and gone to sugary heaven.

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Is it good for you? Nah. You might want to give up that no sugar diet for this one, trust us when we say it’ll be so worth it.

How much is it? About on par with a fancy-as donut. Be warned though, everything on Speedos’ Instagram looks delightfully tasty and extremely colourful. You’ll want to settle in for the day and graze the food all afternoon.

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