Wish You Were Here: Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Italy

Wes Anderson cool meets Lake Como luxury.

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There’s something undeniably familiar when you look at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo – it might its striking resemblance to Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel from his movie of the same name. Change a few colours and the location and you’re basically there.


But the best part about the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is that this stunning and elaborate hotel sits right opposite Lake Como, the most picturesque lake in the world (and  it’s also home to George Clooney).


You can live the quintessential Italian lifestyle here at Tremezzo, sitting opposite the beautiful Bellagio where the two arms of Lake Como meet.

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo offers its guests three unique swimming pools, fine dining, a spa room and all out luxury in their hotel suites. Each room has a breathtaking view of the surrounding area, including the rose-tinted Grigne mountains opposite the lake.


Just FYI, here’s the view from the rooftop penthouse.


Not so bad, right? Prices for the Grand Hotel Tremezzo start at €450 ($698AUD) per night.

(All images: Grand Hotel Tremezzo)

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