Why Can’t All Shopping Malls Have 5-Storey Slides In Them?

Shopping spr-weeee!

A luxurious shopping centre in China has unveiled a brand new, state of the art, stainless steel indoor slide for its shoppers.


Installed in the middle of Printemps department store in Shanghai’s Pudong District in east China, the mammoth dragon-shaped slide was built to promote sales and attract more customers to the outlet mall. Mission accomplished – this looks awesome.


A ride on the slide is free of charge, with brave punters needing to be above the age of three, and above three feet tall to ride. The chute travels down five storeys and it’ll take you around 16 seconds to complete your journey.

Customers will now be able to ditch the escalators and instead travel from top floor designer stores down to the ground floor boutiques at incredible speeds. It sure beats waiting in line for the lift!

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