Where You Should Go Based On Your Travel Companion

Whether it's your bestie, your significant other, a group of mates, or your mum.

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The choice is pretty easy when it comes to a solo travel jaunt: go wherever you want, and keep on going. But when you’re travelling with others, there’s a little more to consider – depending on your company, destination is everything.

Whether you’re cruising with your Ma, your mates, your besties or your babe, we’ve got you covered with a fine cut guide to some of the most relationship-appropriate destination choices around.

Scooting around with your bestie


New York City

There are big cities, and then there’s New York, which is probably why Truman Capote once called NYC “the only real city-city.” The Big Apple is a force to be reckoned with, and it never fails to satisfy. Get some cawfee, get walkin’, and get well and truly lost in the jungle, baby – Manhattan’s High Line is a must, so too the stunning view from the Top of the Rock. From Harlem to Hell’s Kitchen, East Village to Park Slope, Bed-Stuy to Astoria, New York is a city of big boroughs, big ideas, and a city of dreams: a pizza-lover’s Valhalla, and a cocktail-sippers last stand.


When it comes to globetrotting with your bestie, the criterion is pretty simple: find the fun, and make sure there’s lots of it. Big cities are where it’s at, and good ol’ trusty London remains one of the biggest and best. Create your own gastro-entertainment Monopoly board: Soho for cocktails, Shoreditch for cool, Camden for edge, and Angel for eats. Lap up the good times in the UK capital, take on the bars and pubs, the incredible tourist sights, and the kind of eclectic culture and nights out that the British are renowned for.



Prepare to crank the fun level to 11: Tokyo is a guaranteed wild metropolitan mission. Ultra-modern, non-stop, full of endless surprises, you and your bestie will struggle to contain yourselves in the big Japanese smoke, with its incredible dining scene, bar culture, and larger than life sci-fi cityscapes. Sip Suntory in the Park Hyatt Bill Murray-style, belt out the Bee Gees at a karaoke den, and relish in the best sashimi, sake and okonomiyaki on the planet.

A magical jaunt with your lover


San Francisco

You might lose your heart in San Francisco, but you won’t lose your lover. This big Bay City with the Golden Gate might have transformed into a bona fide Google-haven in the past decade, but it still serves up the romance and allure in spades. Sup delicious chowder by Fisherman’s Wharf, ride tandem through the Presidio to pay homage to the ‘Full House’ house, and shack up at Nob Hill’s Scarlet Huntington, with a few sultry martinis at Top of the Mark nearby. Let the rolling, sine-wave hills, the foggy, sultry nights, and the poetry and the prose take you both on a magical Californian mystery tour.

Paris (duh)

Good wine? Check. Incredible pastries and cheese? Check. Home of gastronomy? Check. If you haven’t realised that Paris is, and probably always will be, the most romantic city on the planet, then you’re doing life wrong. As it has for decades, Paris remains an incomparable hub of culture, creativity, wanderlust and beauty – this is the city of love and sensuality, and you and your lucky partner would do well to lose yourselves in the hold of its timeless magic. Stock up on treats for a picnic Eiffel-side. Come the eve, sip wine, dance tango by the Seine, shuck your share of huitres at L’Ecailler du Bistrot, or a menu at Cafe Janot.

Group adventuring with pals


Photo: Adam Bryce/Visit New Zealand

New Zealand

Amazing in the summertime, stunning in the winter – whether your crew is up for party party, ‘Middle Earth’ adventuring, or the skiing trip of a lifetime, New Zealand dishes up the goods and then some. Be blown away by the Bay of Islands, see the steam rise at Te Puia, and carve up some of the finest powder on earth in Queenstown. For groups who want the ultimate choice of adventure.


There’s a good few reasons why they call Bali the Island of the Gods – take its heavenly coastlines, mythic landscapes of mountains and hills, and tranquil Hindu vibes as a starter. The Indonesian hub is famed for its endless, starry nights, luring travellers all over the world, right across the age spectrum. While its beach-bar culture dishes up a solid party haven for convivial types, Bali can be as wild, or as tranquil as you want it to be. Head to Ubud for yoga, Kuta for partying and Seminyak for dining – Mamasan is best for eats, while the best winks are to be found at Hotel Mexicola. Cheap, proximate, full of incredible food and unforgettable times, this is a laid-back trip that’ll keep everyone in your crew well satiated.

Travelling with your mum



What better place to chaperone your ma than the gateway to South East Asia? There’s far more to this city-nation than just an international transit hub – clean and comfortable, easy to navigate, a cityscape founded on Feng Shui, Singapore’s virtues are many. Live in high rise glory at the Marina Bay Sands, and check out the surreal scenes of Gardens by the Bay. Your Ma will relish in Singapore’s world-class shopping, stunning array of traditional and cosmopolitan dining, luxurious hotel options and unbeatable visual splendour.


Hong Kong

Of course, if you’re keen to kick things up a notch with the old lady, then bound further north for the even bigger smoke in Hong Kong. This uber-busy cluster of metropolitan action is the place to go for a riveting mum-style getaway. Studded with skyscrapers and lush green spaces, the former British colony offers incredible shopping and delicious fare, from street food to Michelin Star quality. Show your ma a good time: shop ‘til you drop, stuff yourself with the best dumplings on earth, and kick back with cocktails over the dazzling lights of Victoria Harbour.


South Africa

Keen to make a real trip of it? Go even longer haul and take mum across to South Africa. Johannesburg delivers a beating heart capital full of theatres, cafes, restaurants and museums, and the good stuff only gets better the further south you head. Check out stunning Durban and Cape Town, swim with the sharks, and safari on the Golden Route. Home to an endless exotic coastline of wild surf, beaches, and wildlife, South Africa is an adventure-packed parental trip with memories that’ll last a lifetime.

(Lead image: Adam Price/Visit New Zealand)

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