Here’s How You Can Read AWOL Now That Facebook Is Gone

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I know, I know, the AWOL Facebook page doesn’t exist right now and I’m sure we’re all a little confused — but never fear we’re absolutely still here with all the travel inspo your little post-lockdown heart desires.

You’ve probably woken up to the news that Facebook banned Aussie publishers and users from sharing or viewing any news articles on its platform in a fairly dramatic response to the government’s proposed media bargaining laws.

So yup, even though we just want to talk all things travel and lifestyle, AWOL fell into the category of news site. Meaning we can no longer share our insider travel tips and hot new discoveries with you over Facebook.

Does that mean travel is dead? Hell no, there are plenty of ways to get your fix of travel inspiration. Here’s how to read AWOL’s content (that you obviously all love) on other mediums.


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AWOL’s Homepage

This one I’m assuming you’ve managed, as you’re here right now. Remember that old school thing of checking into your fave website? Well it’s hot again.

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AWOL’s Instagram

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See you there, fellow wanderers!