What’s On Without Leaving: From Drive-In Movies To Snow Trips To Art Galleries

June 1 is fast becoming THE date of 2020 to mark in your calendars. If your state isn’t already opening back up to business as usual (or, I should say, the new usual), then it seems like June could be your month to shine.

If you hadn’t realised, June 1 is next Monday. So it’s time to get planning, obviously.

For our own itineraries as much as anything, we’ve listed the best new things to do or enjoy now that our worlds are just a little bit larger.

What’s On Without Leaving May 29:


#1 Drive-in movies


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Everything that was old is new again, thanks to COVID-19. The timeless tradition of drive-in cinemas is now included, Australia-wide. Details here.

#2 The world’s coolest Macca’s

No joke, this New Zealand McDonald’s will let you dine inside a decommissioned aeroplane. With new talks of travel between Australia and NZ, you might even get to visit it soon. Details here.

#3 Visit some live-in art


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At The Above gallery in Melbourne has been hosting artist residencies during lockdown. Now that you can actually visit, go check out the work of xxflos. Details here.

#4 Pick a new Tim Tam flavour

Yep, Arnott’s are going to release a new Timmy Tam and this time you get to pick what the flavour will be. Please chose wisely. Details here.


#5 A very weird Aussie burger


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World Burger Day happened this week, and to celebrate we rounded up the weirdest burger inventions Aussies have ever come up with — and yes you can still try most of them. Details here.

#6 Anything from Merivale

Most Merivale restaurants are back, and as Sydney knows, that means a ridiculously large amount of all restaurants in the city. Details here.

#7 Surry Hills neighbourhood pass


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Ten of your favourite restaurants in Sydney’s Surry Hills have banded together to get you MASSIVE savings on meals at all of them. Details here.

#8 Bring the movies to you

For the first time EVER Bulla choc tops — yes, those special movie treats — are being stocked in Coles. Run, don’t walk. Details here.


#9 Enjoy EOFY sales


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Yup, it’s that time of year again and we are not complaining. In fact, we’ve wrapped up the best 21 online sales for you to get around. Details here.

#10 Plan a snow trip

Travel is almost back, at least within your own state. It’s also perfect timing for a snow trip. Even if you hate skiing, we gurantee you’ll still love it for other reasons. Details here.

#11 Create a WA bucket list


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Speaking of travel, whether you’re in the state or you’re ready to start planning for when borders open back up, we’ve got 29 reasons to visit Western Australia. Details here.

#12 Plan a trip to beautician

The time is almost nigh for your fave beauty salons to open their doors once again. I’m predicting a June glow-up for like, everyone. Details here.

(Lead Image:Karl Halliday / Provided)