What Your Shopping Basket Says About The Way You Travel

Tins of tuna and two minute noodles = backpacker.

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Your choices – whether it’s what to do for your birthday, what show you should watch next or the websites you frequent – don’t exist in a vacuum; in fact, they can be key indicators of other parts of your life. Even something as everyday as what you pick up and pop in your basket at Woolworths can reveal things about different parts of your life. Here, we take a humorous look at what the content of your shopping basket says about your travel style.

Tins of tuna, microwave meals, and two-minute noodles


The New York Times’s former “Frugal Traveller” columnist, Seth Kugel, once said that the more you spend on a holiday, the more barriers you put up between you and the place you’re going. You couldn’t agree with this idea more; you’re an intrepid backpacker who loves to break down the pricey performances of travelling to go straight for the experience that will provide you with the best story back at home. You’ll pick a hostel bunk over a swanky hotel and a bus over a taxi any day if it means getting to know someone or see something that you otherwise wouldn’t.

Fresh fish, pomegranates, truffle salt


You’re a master at uncovering money-saving travel hacks that will allow you to live a Hilton life, even if you’re on a Holiday Inn budget. You work hard (and open every email or article mentioning any possible travel discounts) so you can enjoy a nice bottle of wine or a little extra legroom to make your trip a touch more luxe. Since you don’t get the chance to travel all that often, you know the importance of making it really count when you do.

A carton of free range eggs, fresh veggies and a bulk package of meat that you’ll portion out for each meal this week


You’re an organised and meticulous planner. The word ‘spontaneous’ sends you into a nervous sweat, because you like to have all the information before making an important decision. You’ve been planning this trip for months, and by the time departure day rolls around, your suitcase has been packed and weighed to ensure it fits exactly within the baggage limitations. You’re not afraid to have a bit of fun on your trip, but you sleep soundly knowing everything has been anticipated and accounted for.

Plastic cups, disposable cameras, slabs of drinks


You don’t do anything or go anywhere without your mates, and that includes holidaying. Your schedules are coordinated, you’ve planned a vay-cay hashtag for everyone to use before your plane even takes off, and it’s inevitable that you’ll come home with a matching souvenir hat or t-shirt. You guys have planned your next group trip before this one’s even finished.

Pippis, dragonfruit, pfeffernüsse


You’re up for adventure, and the kind of person whose shopping basket would stump Aristos, the Surprise Chef – a very cool early ‘00s Australian TV reference to drop to show your new international buds how cultured Australian tourists are! You reckon it’s important for us to see the world from all angles, including upside down, and are not afraid to jump out, off, or onto just about anything. You’ve planned your flights and accommodation, but everything else is just a search for adrenaline.

Non-perishables: fruit, drinks and veggies in tins

pexels-photo (1)

You’ve bought a one-way ticket and plan to stay on the road for as long as is legally possible. You don’t want insufferable admin like spreadsheets, budgets and deadlines getting in the way of finding your new favourite part of the world, so you’re planning to re-enact a small-scale version of the 2008 Jim Carrey movie Yes Man and go where the world takes you. The only way your mates back home will know where you are is because of your regular Facebook check-ins and sporadic postcards, sent from all corners of the globe. You make sure there’s a free seat next to you on the bus or train so you have the opportunity to meet a new and interesting person at any moment.

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