Visiting America’s National Parks Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Thanks to Airbnb and the National Park Foundation.

America’s National Parks are some of the most impressive in the world by far. We’ve fawned over them numerous times before, and will shamelessly do so for as long as this website exists. It’s our promise to you.

If you were thinking about taking a trip to one of the States’ most impressive natural wonders, it’s about to get a hell of a lot easier to do so.

Airbnb and the National Park Foundation have teamed up to help you answer the question: “Okay, but if I go to a very large park, where do I sleep?” by creating a dedicated page on Airbnb’s website that helps you find accommodation near 10 of the country’s most popular parks.

It asks which park you’d like to visit (say, Olympic National Park in Washington) and gives you a bunch of accommodation options (like this one! Adorable!). They’re also reasonably affordable and can be as close to the action as you like.

The partnership is part of a move by the National Park Service to make the country’s parks more accessible for Americans and overseas tourists. And because of the nature of Airbnb as a home-sharing service, it will be helping out the surrounding communities, too.

If you were thinking about taking advantage of this cool new offering, these are the parks on offer:

#1 Acadia National Park

#2 Badlands National Park

#3 Grand Canyon National Park


#4 Everglades National Park

#5 Olympic National Park

#6 Grand Teton National Park

#7 Rocky Mountain National Park

#8 Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

#9 Shenandoah National Park

#10 Zion National Park

(Lead image: Visitors at the Grand Canyon National Park. National Park Service)

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