These Limited-Edition Vegemite Gift Packs Are The Best Pressies For Father’s Day

I don’t know what it is that I find so wholesome about Vegemite-branded merchandise, but I’ll proudly admit that I own Happy Little Vegemiter pyjamas.

So when targeted marketing served me up some ads for special Vegemite gift packs for Father’s Day, I was obviously going to share the good news (and buy one for Dad — hopefully he’s not reading this and ruining the surprise).

The five different limited-edition Dad Gift Packs all include a personalised ‘Dad’ jar of Vegemite. Then you can pair them with this adorable cord cap for $34.95:

This cute duo of socks for $24.95:

A dorky but decidedly ‘dad energy’ beanie for $34.95:

An apron, for those chef Dad’s out there, for $29.95:

Or, for the classic Aussie dad, a stubby holder for $19.95. I mean, beer and Vegemite toast? Match made in heaven:

This is actually my first foray into the Vegemite official store (the PJs were from Peter Alexander), and I had NO idea how much good stuff they had in here. A possibly controversial opinion, but it absolutely kicks the butt of any VB-themed merchandise. Especially that buy-it-for-a-joke-but-never-wear-it perfume.

Did you know you can get your own name on a jar of Vegemite for $10? Because now it’s all I want. I know that’s about five times more than a regular jar, but it’s roughly the same price as I used to pay out of desperation when I found it in the stock section of Canadian supermarkets.

You can also get a lunch box, and a cute little Vegemite and mug gift set. Or a personalised Vegemite t-shirt. I mean, it can’t just be me who’s excited by this, right?

Just in case I am, or if you want to combine Father’s Day presents, please enjoy this list of 2020-proof gift ideas that I prepared earlier.

(Lead Image: Instagram / @vegemite)