This UFO Conspiracy Cruise Sails You To Mexico On The Hunt For Aliens

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Friends, there aren’t many things I love more than The X-Files. So the idea of sailing off on the UFO Cruise 2019 to search for aliens like Mulder and Scully makes me unbelievably and unreasonably excited.

This very real, not-a-joke UFO conspiracy-themed cruise ship sets sail from San Diego and sails to the Mexican Riviera, through Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. UFO researchers, investigators and authors will lead seminars and discussions about UFOs, extraterrestrial life, alien contact and “unearth the truth about the UFO coverup”.

Included in the line-up is the executive director of the Mutual UFO Network, an organisation that claims to be the world’s oldest and largest UFO investigation network, as well as documentarians from The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series.


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At night, a “UFO watch” will take over the decks where passengers will be given night-vision binoculars to watch the skies in hopes of spotting something from outer space.

The cruise isn’t all aliens and abductions, though. During the seven-day journey, passengers can take part in an authentic Maya fire ceremony, visit the ancient Las Labradas Petroglyphs in Mazatlan and swim with dolphins in Banderas Bay. There’s also a spa and sauna, yoga classes and, of course, all the gorgeous sights of the Mexican Riviera. It’s hosted by the Holland America cruise line, whose ships look fine as hell.

Although I think I speak for everyone when I say that the real star attraction is the UFO investigation line-up, best described by renowned ufologist Linda Moulton Howe: “We can all stay up all night if we want to, talking about the huge, complicated UFO mystery and that other big and related story: who are we humans in this yin and yang cosmos.” Sign me up!

The UFO Cruise 2019 will set sail on October 6-13. You can book a ticket aboard the ship now. If you’re more of a flat-earth conspiracy nut though, there’s also a cruise for that, somehow.

(Lead image: The X-Files / Facebook)