A Twitch Streamer Got Attacked By A Magpie & This Is Australian Culture

Aussie culture is entirely composed of fairy breadKath & Kim, and magpie attacks, a fact one Twitch streamer discovered when a magpie flew into his face during a game.

Twitch user Lynchy was playing Valorant when a magpie suddenly flew into the room.

“What the fuck?! Oi, get outta here,” the streamer exclaimed, trying to shoo the bird out of the room.

“There’s a fucking magpie in my house,” the Twitch streamer said, right as the bird crashed into his face and sent his headphones flying.

Despite his high-pitched screams, his teammates are blissfully unaware that their friend was just one-shot by a wayward bird. Lynchy collects himself and continues playing, even though his camera is now mostly pointed at the desk after the collision.

Australian streamer Lynchy getting attacked by a magpie on Twitch.

And honestly, it’s his calm, cool and collected teammates are literally perfect. You can hear them over voice chat calling out strats during the endgame of a very tense overtime match.

As for how the magpie got inside, Lynchy said it was a combination of a lot of little things — like some kind of chaotic butterfly effect that ended in him copping a bird to the face.

“I got this brand-new puppy, two months old, only picked him up three days ago,” Lynchy explained on the stream. “He’s getting toilet trained at the moment, so while I’m gaming I need to leave that door open that’s next to me so he can go to the toilet and do his doggy business.”

“And because my partner’s been feeding the magpies the last few days, they’re starting to hang around the back fence and stuff. That’s how it got inside. Was not expecting that.”

And just like that, magpies have skyrocketed to the top of the list of Australia’s deadliest animals. Spare a thought for Lynchy, who didn’t even get to escape their wrath during iso.

(Lead image: Lynchy / Twitch)