We’ve Found The World’s Fanciest Treehouse & You Can Spend A Night There

Guys, it has a sauna and a hot tub.

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Treehouses are becoming increasingly popular as accommodation options, but this luxury treetop home located in an enchanted forest takes the cake. The best news? You can stay there with your mates.

Located in Sherwood Forest in the scenic Nottinghamhire, Woodman’s Treehouse began as a pipe-dream for Guy Mallinson, who creates a variety of “crafty camping” options.

Now a reality, the luxury treehouse features a sauna, hot tub, open air tree-shower, roof deck, revolving stove and your own personal wood-fired pizza oven. There’s even a stainless steel slide in place of  the staircase!

Treehouse_Inlin_1475011669 (1)

It also features a clear glass panel on much of the flooring, meaning you can look down to the stream below as you walk around this leafy utopia.


The bulk of the treehouse is made from found materials as well as hyper-local ones, meaning that this dreamy accommodation is not only luxurious, it’s also eco-friendly.


Renting this amazing treehouse will set you back around$526 a night and you can book here.

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Posted by AWOL on Sunday, 22 April 2018