Travel Hack Of The Day: An App That Practically Packs For You

The packing fairies are here to help.

There’s really two types of people in the world – those who pack way in advance and those who leave it to the last minute.

Packing for holidays can be stressful to say the least – what if you forget your bathers on a three week trip to Bali? What if the shirt you bring for a formal event isn’t formal enough? What if you forget your toothpaste on your seven week hiking trek in South America? Disastrous, to say the least.


But never fear – there’s now an app that will perfectly plan a packing guide to help you (even if your flight is only in a few hours).

Say hello to PackPoint.

Available on android devices, PackPoint is a handy app that asks all the right questions – male or female? Summer or winter? Business trip or leisure vacation? Fancy cocktail event or beach party?

The app is pretty much the electronic version of a giant yellow legal pad worth of lists – but compact and concise, right there on your phone. You’ll probably leave packing to the very last minute now seeing as the app makes it all seem too easy. Just don’t forget your phone!