These 6 Countries Are Offering Special Deals To Get Tourists Back

Australian international borders may not have opened just yet, but an increasing number of countries are waiting for tourists with open arms for when they do. In fact, they’re even willing to foot part of the bill.

As any traveller knows, it’s never too early to start planning — in fact, that can be half the fun (or at least a solid third of it).

While right now now is the perfect opportunity to explore the wonders of our own back yard, you’d better believe I’m making a list of where I’ll be going the second international travel is back on the table.

These 6 countries are offering travel incentives.

#1 Japan


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Japan hasn’t said exactly how much of your trip they’re looking at subsidising, but they have announced putting AUD$19 billion towards a new tourism reimbursement program. Details here.

#2 Sicily


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Sicily was the first to come up with a program incentivising travellers to return to their country. It was reported that there are plans to pay for half the price of airfares for foreign travellers, and more. Details here.

#3 Mexico


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Most of Mexico is really pushing for tourists to return with a couple of new campaigns. In particular,  #Come2MexicanCaribbean has been launched to promote the Mexican Caribbean, including destinations from Cancun to Cozumel. There’s a bunch of travel perks, including buy two, get two free hotel nights and car rentals, as well as 20% off at participating theme parks, golf courses, and spas.

#4 Madeira, Portugal


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Ok so these islands off the coast of Morocco won’t pay for your trip as such, but they’ll pay for you to get tested for coronavirus before departure or upon arrival. It’s a new concept, but one I suspect we’ll have to get used to.

#5 Bulgaria


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You’ll have to find your own way there, but when you do (and when they fully reopen) you’ll be offered the use of free sun loungers, sun beds and tables at the famous Sunny Beach and other popular tourist spots.

#6 Cyprus


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This is an odd one, and to be honest I’m not sure it makes me want to go there, but they’ve promised to cover all accommodation, food, and medicine costs for any tourists who fall ill with COVID-19 while they’re there.

(Lead Image: Pexels / Aviv Perets)