The Internet Is Obsessed With Tom Hanks’ Absurd Attempt At Vegemite On Toast

ICYMI: Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were the first celebrity cases of COVID-19 coronavirus.

Last week, Hanks took to social media to share the news, saying the couple would be isolating themselves “for as long as public health and safety requires”.

But here’s the kicker: Hanks and Wilson were in Australia when they contracted the virus, so they’ve been quarantined on the Gold Coast ever since.

And it seems like they’ve been getting into the Aussie spirit, with Hanks sharing a photo over the weekend of a frankly absurd amount of Vegemite on toast.

In fact, it’s so much Vegemite that Aussies started to worry about the beloved actor, and took to Twitter to educate him about the proper way to eat our national spread.

We’ve rounded up the best tweets about people reacting to Tom Hanks’ absurd attempt at Vegemite on toast:

















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