There’s A Dog Festival Dedicated To Good Boys And Girls (And Their Owners) This Month In Melbourne

There’s a Tiny Dog Festival happening in Melbourne. That’s it. That’s the intro.

A lot of wonderful things happen at Welcome to Thornbury. But now Melbourne‘s fun-loving food truck park is throwing perhaps the best and most wholesome festival of all: The Tiny Dog Festival 2019. Our hearts simply cannot take it.

On Sunday, July 28 the park will be filled (and we mean f i l l e d) with small dogs, tiny dogs and pint-sized puppers.


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There’ll be all the usual food trucks catering for the humans, but they’ll be joined by some extra-special stalls serving the VIPs with bones and dog treats.

There’ll also be competitions to find Melbourne’s tiniest adult dog and the best-dressed tiny dog, as well as a tiny dog race. If you have a fashion boi or a speedy girl, you can register them for free on the day from 12pm. There are lots of prizes to be won (for you and your pooch).

“But Alana,” I hear you say as you pat your golden retriever and think about how much better he is than a boyfriend. “My dog is very big. Can I still go to this Tiny Dog Festival?”

The answer is yes – dogs are always welcome at Welcome to Thornbury, and all dogs are welcome at this inclusive and love-filled celebration of small doggos.

The Tiny Dog Festival kicks off at midday and the celebrations run until 6pm, and entry is free.

(Lead image: Welcome to Thornbury / Facebook)