This Unreal Hyperlapse Video Takes You Around The World In Under 3 Minutes

Travel the world without leaving your seat.

Earth, as glorious, massive and all-encompassingĀ as ever, feels like it’s shrinking every day thanks to new technologies.

Soon we’ll be able to fly from Australia to Europe in one go, virtual reality lets you ‘try before you buy’ when it comes to travel, and Google Earth gives us visual access to almost every corner of the world in an instant. And now someone has harnessed that technology to create a video that shows off the planet in just under three minutes.

Matteo Archondi, a graphic design student from Verona, created this hyperlapse video using only images from Google Earth. The video is made up of 3305 screen-capture frames, and in just two and a half minutes, it takes us from RomeĀ to Greenland to New York, and plenty of cities in between. It even stops in at the world’s highest peak, Everest.

The result is oddly hypnotising. You can see for yourself below.

It’s the perfect reminder that it might just be time for your next trip.

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