This Hotel’s Water Slide Drops You Into The Mediterranean Sea

Take the plunge.

It seems like the designer of this resort had a consulting session with my inner child. I mean, how else did this water slide of my actual dreams come to exist?

Located in Terrasini, Sicily, the Citta Del Mare Hotel features this amazing three-level water slide carved into a cliff face that catapults you out directly into the sea at the bottom.


The Toboggan slide, which is for the exclusive use of guests of the hotel, is arguably Sicily’s most amazing water attraction. A top-to-bottom journey on this three-level slide will drop you into four separate bodies of water – three pools and and the grand finale of the warm, clear Gulf of Castellammare in the Mediterranean Sea at the foot of the slide.


Once you’ve finished your foot-first plunge into the sea, you can climb back up a ladder to the resort and do it all again.

How To Get There

  • Fly into Palermo Airport
  • Drive 43km (about an hour) via the E90
  • Citta Del Mare Hotel, SS113, 100, 90040 Terrasini

(All images: Citta Del Mare Hotel)