This Other-Worldly Ice Cave Is Actually Right Here On Earth

Damn, nature.

Iceland is the home of many great things, from food to festivals to the rival team in Mighty Ducks 2, and now a pretty phenomenal glowing blue ice cave that looks like it would be more at home on Pluto than on planet earth.


(Photo: Patrick Shyu/Flickr)

This particular cave is located on the frozen lagoon of the Svínafellsjökull glacier in Skaftafell, Iceland. The ceilings of smooth, centuries old, highly-pressurised glacier ice seem to hover over a rocky cave floor and give off an iridescent blue glow that lights up the chilly space underneath.

The caves are created by waterfalls melting passages in the glacier, like lava through a lava tunnel, and you can just stroll through them and let your jaw hang open in awe at how epic Mother Nature is.


(Photo: James West/Flickr)

(Lead image: David Phan/Flickr)