This NYC Club Is Exclusively For Dogs & Their Owners

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Have you ever been hanging around at a cafe or bar, just minding your own business, and thought “gee, I wish my dog was here”? Of course you have. We all have. Now in New York City you can come one step closer to being surgically attached to your beloved pooch with Ruff Club, a social club just for dogs and their faithful slaves.

Here’s the idea: you pay a yearly subscription fee of just over $200AUD, and then you can pop into the Ruff Club whenever you like for free Wi-Fi and freshly roasted coffee – and a place for your canine friends to make some mates of their own. If you’re off running Carrie Bradshaw-esque errands around NYC, you can also leave your pup at the club and it’ll be taken care of – and if you’re a little bit worried about your furry friend, you can live-stream all the action from your laptop or phone. How’s that for service?!

Being a social club, there are also plenty of activities for dog lovers and their furry children to enjoy. Making friends with other dog people is a bonus, and the club hosts regular meet-ups, talks, events and projects – some dog-focused, some not – to really make Ruff Club a community. And for those less fortunate, low-income earners with retired service/fire/police dogs can apply for a Ruff Club scholarship “to make sure our ranks reflect the diversity of the neighbourhood”.

Our only question: when are the Aussie dog clubs opening? Sign us up.