This Is The Best Place To Get Your Quokka Selfie

Because Australia.

East Coast Aussies are luckier than West Coasters in some regards – touring music festivals visit them, their time-zone is considered the “norm” in Australia and it’s easy for them to fly to other states (as theirs don’t take up almost half the country, like WA). But East Coasters are severely lacking in one truly superlative thing: quokkas.

Quokkas are seriously adorable marsupials. Their small arms, chunky middle sections and long tails make them look like tiny kangaroos and they seem to always be smiling anytime anyone takes a picture with them. Hence, people went wild doing exactly that, and the phenomenon of the ‘quokka selfie’ was born.

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Look how bloody cute they are!

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So where can you find these happy creatures? Quokkas are native to Western Australia and only a small collection live on the mainland at the nature reserve at Two Peoples Bay. Your best bet would be to hoof it over to Rottnest Island near Perth, or Bald Island further south (though Rottnest is more accessible).

As they’re marsupials, they like to spend most of their days sleeping, eating and resting in shady spots (don’t we all) so look for them in areas of dense vegetation.

It’s important to note it’s actually illegal to touch these guys, due to their ‘vulnerable’ status on the IUCN Red List of endangered species. While touching and cuddling is a huge no-no, they are mighty friendly towards humans so getting close by to take a selfie shouldn’t be too difficult – they kind of look like they enjoy it.

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Fun side note: when Dutch settlers first arrived on the west coast they assumed Quokkas were just wild cats. A couple of years later in 1696, the Dutch sea captain Willem de Valmingh thought they were actually giant rats and consequently named the island he spotted them on ‘Rotte nest’ which translates to ‘rat nest’ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Go on, check out Qantas flights to Perth here. The quokkas are waiting.