This Fascinating Map Shows Us Australia’s ‘Climate Twins’

Australia has climates in common with a whole bunch of places.

Craving some SoCal weather but can’t be bothered with the super long flight or the jet lag? Just head to Western Australia. Want to take in the vast expanse that is the Sahara Desert, but need to up that annual leave balance? Take a trip to the outback. Easy.

Reddit user Triton1982 created a map of Australia overlaid with its corresponding “climate twins” – parts of the world that have similar temperatures and weather.

It shows how Australia has climates in common with a whole bunch of places, like India (the Kimberley, the Top End and parts of Far North Queensland), southern Brazil (the coastal area near the Qld/NSW border), and the Sahara Desert (the vast outback). The map below shows all of our mainland climate analogues, with Melbourne being likened to the San Francisco Bay Area, while Sydney’s climate is totally twinning with Buenos Aires.


Away from the mainland, Tasmania has three distinct regions with colder climate twins, including southern Chile, northern California and the UK, Ireland and Vancouver.


These fascinating comparison maps were created by matching the cities’ monthly temperature highs and lows as well as the Koppen Classifications, the most widely-accepted measure of climate. A criticism of the comparison is that it hasn’t taken precipitation into account. Still, it’s super great.

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(H/T: Reddit)