This Chinese Restaurant Hangs On A Cliff Face

Hope you’re not afraid of heights.

At the Fangweng Restaurant in Yichang, China you can enjoy local specialties like freshwater fish and roasted duck, served with a side of vertigo – this “hanging restaurant” is built straight into a sheer cliff face, dozens of meters above the ground.


The “Happy Valley” in Hubei province where the Fangweng restaurant is located is famous for spectacular cliffs and scenic views of where the Chang Jiang and Yangtze rivers meet.


The cliffs in this area are studded with caves (including one famous tourist attraction named after the famous Song Dynasty poet Lu You), and the dining are of the restaurant is built into one such natural cavern.

fangweng-restaurant-1[9]Guests enter via an unassuming brick building, but after passing through the foyer, are forced to walk across a narrow, 30 metre plank walkway built along a limestone cliff to reach the dining area, where traditional Chinese furnishing contrast with the bare stone walls of the cave. Safely inside, guests can enjoy regional cuisine and amazing views of the Yangtze river below. There’s even a bungee jumping facility for the most daring diners – maybe just wait until your stomach settles.

(h/t Amusing Planet)

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