This Cabin In The Alps Is Disguised As A Boulder

Good luck finding it.

Forget camo-print tents – Swiss design studio and apparent masters of disguise Bureau A have created a camouflaged cabin in the Alps that passes as a huge boulder. Titled “Antoine“, the dwelling seamlessly blends into the landscape so you can truly become one with nature.


The project reflects Switzerland’s long-standing harmony with the Alps – observing them, living with them and hiding inside of them during military procedures.

Inside, the cabin can contains enough for one person, using clever design like fold out seats and tables to maximise the compact space. There’s all of the essentials – fireplace, bed, table, stool and window – and not much else.


Due to the concrete exterior shaped like the surrounding boulders, those passing by would assume it was just another of the landscape’s large rocks – so good luck finding it.


(All images: Dylan Perrenoud/A Bureau website)