There’s A See-Through Canoe Now

You're in the clear.

From American retailer Hammacher Schlemmer comes an ingenious new way to explore underwater vistas – a sleek, see-through canoe that combines function, form and whimsy. The boat, which was going for $3000AUD before it sold out, offers paddlers a 360 degree view of the surrounding seascape, all the better for spying on marine life.

While the kayak may have been inspired by a glass-bottomed boat, there’s nothing delicate about it: the transparent polymer hull is made of the same sturdy material used in supersonic fighter jets, and the anodised aluminium frame weighs in at only 18kg. From tip to tip, the canoe measures around 3.4 meters long, features adjustable seating for two, and supports up to 192 kg.


Along with being durable, light and easy to transport or store, the hull sits low and wide in the water for exceptional stability – which is a relief, because somehow it seems more embarrassing to capsize in a see-through boat.