The American Museum Of Natural History Is Hosting Adult Sleepovers

If you watched Night At The Museum and thought, “Looks like a good time” then boy are you in luck. The American Museum Of Natural History in NYC is holding sleepovers so you can have your very own night at a museum.

Of course, this sleepover will be the most educational you’ve ever had. And because you’re an adult now, that’ll actually be a good thing. You get to do super cool stuff like learn facts about fossils by torch light and wander freely through the museum halls sans the crowds. Which honestly, if you’re a huge nerd, is basically a dream.

The sleepover experience also includes drinks and nibbles, a performance by 12th Night Jazz Trio and a buffet dinner. You’ll then get to kick it for the rest of the night in a sleeping cot set right beneath the famous sculpture of the 30-metre-long blue whale.

If this sounds like something you absolutely can’t miss, you may want to turn your wallet over and shake it because it’ll cost you a few pretty pennies. The Night At The Museum sleepover experience will cost about $460AUD. You’ve got two opportunities to slumber amongst history: May 5 and June 30.

The fossils (hopefully) won’t come alive, but it still sounds like a pretty awesome night. Check out more details here.

(Lead image: Night At The Museum/20th Century Fox)