The 9 Travel Accessories You Totally Need Right Now

It's like a level up in chicness.

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We all long for the glory days of chic travel, when women wore impossibly uncreased suiting and a head scarf and men wore pressed linen suits and their best Sunday hat on their flight into the great beyond – rather than wearing our 1996 Juicy Couture trackies and a coffee stain.

Never fear: we have your new travel essentials, and they’re here to rescue you from your formerly un-chic self. With these beauties in your carry on, you’ll be upgraded to business class in no time. (Don’t quote us on that.)

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Some seriously stylish headphones

If there’s one accessory you can’t get on a plane without, it would have to be headphones – and why be seen with those manky earbuds that came with your phone if you can get a pair of these Frends babies on your noggin? The cans are padded and comfy, the headband is adjustable, and they also give good travel flatlay. What more could you want?

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A choose-your-own-adventure scarf

When you’re packing for the ultimate luggage weight nightmare (i.e. going skiing for two weeks, then reclining on a sun bed in Bali), your saving grace is the goes-with-anything, good quality silk scarf. Perfect for rugging you up après ski, as well as taking you to the resort bar as an airy wrap over your maxi dress. Temple hopping? A makeshift sarong. Freezing on the plane? An additional blanket. It’s the travel MVP, plus, because it’s from Oroton, you’ll earn 2 Qantas Points per $1 spent in-store when you scan your Qantas Frequent Flyer card at the till or online when you shop at Bonus!

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A refillable perfume bottle

Everyone at some point has opened their bag to find an exploded/leaked/broken perfume bottle. My secret accessory is this refillable atomiser: not only does it look chic, it also ensures no breakage occurs to your fave bottle. (It seems like perfuming your entire bag wouldn’t be so bad…until the stains happen.) Fill it with your signature scent and pop in your carry on.

4 / 9

Some refreshing face mist for the plane

Another secret travel accessory I always have in my carry on is this Evian face mist. Sure, it seems like a completely useless addition to your already-challenged carry-on weight, but honestly there’s no better feeling than popping into the loo before landing and brushing your teeth, spraying some perfume, and misting your face with the finest water this side of the Alps. Unnecessary? Maybe. Essential to making me feel human again after a 14 hour flight? Definitely.

remove zip pull visible at top left
5 / 9

A good-looking backpack

A truly unisex backpack is a thing of beauty: when there’s nothing in it, you can swan around looking suitably sports-luxe, and when it’s heavy and full you can tell your travel partner it’s their turn to shoulder the load. This one from Oroton is the perfect mixture of polished, functional, and cool. Don’t forget you can earn Qantas Points on Oroton purchases, too.

6 / 9

A water resistant pouch

OK, these things aren’t very chic, I’ll admit – but the fluoro yellow one I bought in a Krabi market has paid for itself many times over by saving my electronic goods more than once. Simply pop your camera, keys, a change of clothes or phone inside, fold the top over a couple of times and voila! A sealed waterproof bag you can actually take swimming. Be much cooler than me and buy this subtly coloured three-pack version from Kathmandu; you’ll never worry about your SLR being stolen (or getting flooded) on your snorkelling trip again.

7 / 9

A watch that does it all

I love taking my Apple Watch travelling – not in the least because if someone texts me, calls me, or emails me, I don’t have to spend 24 minutes working out where the heck my phone is among the clothes-bomb in my locked suitcase. The brand new, just-released Apple Watch 2 is water resistant up to 50 metres and it doesn’t need to pair with your phone to use its GPS. Now if that’s not a chic solution to never getting lost again, nothing is.

8 / 9

A portable solar charger

A portable charger is a given travel essential these days – but what about one that also doubles as a flashlight? OK, and what if it also had an option to use solar power? Yep, this one does all three – and it will fully charge two phones at once. Chic and good for the environment… as long as you’re not headed to Iceland in winter.

9 / 9

The ostrich pillow

Chic? Nope. Comfy? Yes. Blocks out your surroundings for the next 18 hours? Definitely.

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