The 5 Cutest Baby Animals From Around The World

Last week, The Smithsonian announced the births of two litters of tiny, cute baby cheetah cubs. Smithsonian scientists were proud to show off their successful breeding program, and the world graciously accepted the fruits of their labour with a collective “awwwww!”

Considering the extreme cuteness of these baby cheetahs, we thought we’d take a moment to share even more adorable baby animals from around the world.

#1 Hedgehogs

This video just keeps on getting more and more adorable. First, three tiny baby hedgehogs — which are called hoglets, by the way — are pulled out of an oven mitt where they’ve been keeping toasty. They’re then marked to differentiate them, after which they promptly begin sneezing. Or should we say, squeaking in the most adorable possible way!

#2 Elephants

Elephants aren’t exactly considered the cutest and most adorable animals out there, but they certainly are when they’re this small. Well, ‘small’ is relative here – this baby elephant weighs in at 144kg. Plus, how great are animals with human names? This baby’s name is Max, while his brother is Scott and his sister is Donna. Nawww!

#3 Tigers

Tigers are usually seen as big, scary, and pretty vicious. But not these ones! This delightful compilation video follows a pair of baby tiger cubs at the Cologne Zoo. Watch as they play around, bravely jump onto their parents’ backs, and play fight in the cutest possible way.

#4 Polar Bears

Is this the cutest unstoppable killing machine in the world? Perhaps. Though polar bears are among the most fierce and powerful animals in the world, they weren’t born with their incredible hunting skills. When grown up, polar bears know how to walk on ice properly – but bear cubs haven’t come quite that far yet, and the results are hysterical.

#5 Pygmy Hippos

Though the massive hippopotamus is a formidable, daunting figure in the animal kingdom, its rare cousin the pygmy hippo is basically an adorable miniature version – and baby pygmy hippos are even cuter. This is baby Obi (it means ‘Heart’ in his native Nigerian Igbo), who lives at the Melbourne Zoo, as is seen here swimming for the very first time with his mum Petre. OMG. Make it stop!

Happy Easter, fam!

(Lead image: Harry Poppongi hedgehog cafe in Japan/official website)

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