The 20 Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities In The World Have Been Named

Did any Australian cities make the cut?

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The mode of transport that’s slowly become a way of life, bike culture has swept the world in recent years and luckily a few key cities are doing their best to make their roads reflect that. A handy list from urban consultancy firm Copenhagenize has narrowed down the best 20 cities in the world for bikers and the results are a little surprising.

There’s the usual suspects and a few newbies thrown in – well done Ljubljana and Strasbourg! – but the main winner here is definitely the Netherlands with three cities in the top ten. This is the first year Copenhagen have beaten Amsterdam for the number one spot, after the Dutch city held the post for two consecutive years. Check out the rest of the winners below.

#1 Copenhagen, Denmark
#2 Amsterdam, Netherlands
#3 Utrecht, Netherlands
#4 Strasbourg, France
#5 Eindhoven, Netherlands
#6 Malmö, Sweden
#7 Nantes, France
#8 Bordeaux, France
#9 Antwerp, Belgium
#10 Seville, Spain



Every city in the top 10 is from Europe, which isn’t really a surprise when you think about the prominence of bikes and better bike tracks there. As for the remainder of the list, Buenos Aires is there representing for South America, Dublin’s in at #15 representing Ireland, Minneapolis representing for the US at #18, and Montréal scraping in at #20 for Canada.

#11 Barcelona, Catalonia
#12 Berlin, Germany
#13 Ljubljana, Slovenia
#14 Buenos Aires, Argentina
#15 Dublin, Ireland
#16 Vienna, Austria
#17 Paris, France
#18 Minneapolis, USA
#19 Hamburg, Germany
#20 Montréal, Canada

Sadly not one Australian city made it on the list, which is kind of embarrassing when a city like Ljubljana in Slovenia beats us to the punch. This just proves we need to get a move on when it comes to making out great land more bike path friendly – c’mon guys, our reputation is at stake!
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