The 15 Best Cities For A Travel Romance, According To Tinder

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What is travel if not a way to connect with new sights, new sounds and… new faces. Well, that’s the thinking behind Tinder’s latest Passport feature at least, which lets its premium members swipe right in cities around the world – even before they get there.

This week, the app released the most-swiped Passport destinations from across the globe, revealing where keen romantic travellers are setting their compasses. So where’s the city getting most of the action? That would be spritely ol’ London-town.


Paris was beaten at its own game (it’s the city of love, isn’t it?) with the English city nabbing first place, followed closely by New York, Berlin and Moscow for the top five. Alongside these powerhouse capital cities, the likes of Stockholm, Rio de Janeiro and Dublin also made tracks, with a pat on the back going to Sydney and Melbourne for making it in at #8 and #11 respectively.

#1 London, England
#2 Paris, France
#3 New York, USA
#4 Berlin, Germany
#5 Moscow, Russia
#6 Stockholm, Sweden
#7 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
#8 Sydney, Australia
#9 Barcelona, Spain
#10 Buenos Aires, Argentina
#11 Melbourne, Australia
#12 Los Angeles, USA
#13 Auckland, New Zealand
#14 Dublin, Ireland
#15 Rome, Italy

The Passport feature of Tinder Plus lets users change their location in advance, meaning you can (if you so choose) swipe through locals, match and chat before you’ve even started packing for your vacation. This feature is currently only available for Tinder’s paying subscribers, and lets you place ‘Pin Drops’ in any city on the app’s map to see locals that might pop up on your feed while there.


Here’s a cheeky preview. Photo: Tinder

It remains to be seen whether users are using the app to actually decide their destinations – but it’s probably only a matter of time.

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