It’s All About The View At This Clifftop Bar In Texas

The Oasis truly is a sight to see.

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Austin is a youthful, liberal city, known for being the home of international ideas and music festival SXSW. But at the same time you’re just as likely to find a parade of Longhorn fans donning cowboy boots, hats and huge belt buckles ‘yeehaw’-ing their way past the madhouse bars along Sixth Street.

It’s a city of polar opposites, so maybe it makes sense that you’ll find a Mediterranean-style clifftop bar right in the middle of it.


The Oasis is a well-known local’s hang out on the edge of Lake Travis, a reservoir on the Colorado River, about 32 kilometres north west of Austin’s city centre. Located on a cliff 137 metres above the water, this enormous restaurant houses eight event rooms and multiple dining decks overlooking the lake.


Park yourself under an umbrella with a bevvie in hand and the view over the lake is guaranteed to make you smile.


They say Austin is the sunset capital of Texas, and there’s really no better place to enjoy it than here.

(All images: Lake Travis)