Sweden Just Opened An Amazing “Museum Of Failure”

From Harley-Davidson perfume to a Donald Trump board game.

Museums can be weird, wonderful and downright bizarre, dedicated to everything from Dr Seuss to ice cream, and even rocks that look like faces (thank you, Japan).

Now, Sweden has joined the ranks of countries with the greatest obscure attractions, having just opened the Museum of Failure.

The museum is an endearing and hilarious display of failed products, predominantly technology and appliances. It’s also a celebration of innovation and technology – and a reminder that sometimes, things go very, very wrong. Indeed, the motto of the museum is “Learning is the only way to turn failure into success.”

It’s just opened in Helsingborg in Sweden, and is essentially a private collection of 51 items collected by museum founder Samuel West. Among the items on display, you’ll find things like the Apple Newton, Bic “For Her”, the fabled Google Glass, Harley-Davidson perfume, Kodak digital cameras, a medical instrument known as an orbitoclast lobotomy, the Sony Betamax, Lego fiber optics, and even a Donald Trump board game.


Apple Newton. Photo: Wikimedia

“Even the biggest baddest most competent companies fail,” he told Business Insider. “The trick is to create an organisational culture that accepts failure so that you can fail small … rather than failing big.”

If you can’t make it to Sweden, the Museum of Failure is also travelling the world. Pop-up events will showcase highlights in the US, across Europe and beyond.

The exhibition is available in Swedish and English, with guided tours available for visitors. West also plans to expand the idea, and has put the call-out to find the best of the worst. They’re looking for stories about failed music, food, restaurants, etc. More details here.

(Lead image: Museum of Failure/YouTube)