This Resort Will Let You Double-Date With Their Resident Goat And Her Boyfriend

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Ah, Jamaica – the home of reggae music, white sand beaches, tropical turquoise waters, and a beautiful, sweet goat named Betty.

Betty is the star attraction Sunset Palms Resort in Negril, Jamaica, finding fame by popping up in the background of wedding photos and holiday happy snaps. She first appeared at the resort last spring, guiding guests on the hotel’s weekly nature tour.

Now, the resort has added Betty to their staff roster, inviting guests to dine with her on a daytime picnic date. For a wildly affordable $50USD, they receive a basket filled with chef-prepared treats and a bottle of red or white wine – oh, and some goat-friendly food for Betty, should she get a bit snacky.

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Up until recently, Betty was an eligible bachelorette but, now, she’s partnered up with a handsome fella by the name of Royal Brown. They’re obviously in love, so, if you were thinking of setting Betty up with one of your goat friends, you can forget about it.

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If you’re keen to spend the day with Betty (like we need to convince you) you can find her at Sunset at the Palms, just a 15-minute drive north of Negril.

(Lead Image: Sunset at the Palms)