The Spice Girls Bus From ‘Spice World’ Has Been Listed On Airbnb

If you grew up absolutely OBSESSED with the Spice Girls you’re a) in good company and b) about to lose your mind because you can legit rent the Spice Girls bus from the Spice World movie on Airbnb. 2019: best year yet.

A Spice Girls superfan got her hands on the original bus from Spice World, and she’s turned it into fine-as-hell accommodation in London. First of all: living on a converted bus sounds dope, but when that bus is the iconic Spice World bus, you’ve officially won life.

The inside of the bus has been done up with a bunch of modern furniture, and while it looks super comfy and stylish, it’s absolutely shot through with Spice Girls touches. The Union Jack is, of course, still painted allll over the exterior, there’s a neon “GIRL POWER” sign hanging up in one of the rooms and the driver’s seat is still in place (minus Meatloaf’s character which, look, that’s fine by us).

spice girls bus

Image: Airbnb

It’s also decked out (because it’s a double decked bus amirite) with a widescreen TV, disco balls, and an old-school CD player that’s just dying to blast “Wannabe” on repeat.

Unfortunately, all good things come with a catch. The bus is extremely popular, and is all booked out with no vacancies listed right now. Here’s hoping the bus will be listed as a regular stay in the near future because, as we all know, the Spice Girls are timeless.

Keep your eye on the Spice Girls bus Airbnb listing to pick up if it becomes available again. You’ll also need to get yourself to London’s Wembley Park.

(Lead image: Airbnb)