Someone Thought This See-Through Box On A Mountaintop Might Be Fun

Literally a glass cage of emotion.

They say travel should make you feel things, and the newest attraction atop Europe’s tallest mountain range definitely inspires an entire emotional landscape. Let’s see – there’s adventure, excitement, joy, terror and sheer uncontrollable doom. I feel all the things.

The Pas Dans Le Vide on Mont Blanc in the south of France lets you peer into the snowy void of the French Alps while suspended four kilometres high in a transparent glass cage that juts out towards the alps of France, Italy and Switzerland. It’s beautiful, it’s terrifying and it’s making me feel faint.


Pas Dans Le Vide is French for ‘Step Into The Void’, and that’s exactly what thrill seekers do as they gingerly creep into the box made of mere glass and metal while averting their eyes from the 1000 metre sheer drop below them.


The box is part of the visitor’s centre at the summit of the Aiguille du Midi peak in the Mont Blanc Mountain Range near Chamonix in south-east France. To access the summit, which is four kilometres above sea level, visitors must ride two vertical cable cars up the side of the mountain.


Once there, they can enjoy 360 degree views of the surrounding peaks and make the choice to step into the void or just ride the cable car back down with their metaphorical tail between their legs. No shame guys, no shame.

(Photos: Chamonix)

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