Some Pro Tricks For Hassle-Free Travel

Become a travel ninja in no time.

Brought to you by Qantas

This feature is brought to you by Qantas, who are proud to play a part in bringing travellers together with the people they love from around Australia and across the globe.

We all love the thrill of a new destination, less so the rigmarole of getting to it. With a few handy hacks, the excess stress of travel can effortlessly transmute into good, smooth times.

Today, learn from the pros, sort out your tricks, and become a travel ninja fast with our uber-reliable guide to hassle-free holidaying.

Load up Google Maps

In a perfect travel world, there’d be wifi at each hub, ushering us along to our hotels via the reassuring blip of a blue GPS dot. A lot of stations and transit points are generous with digital facilities these days, but not all, so for peace of mind, load your end point on Google Maps when connected prior to, and follow those pre-prepared pings without getting too lost. Also, Google Maps now lets you download an area of up to 120,000 square kilometres to use offline for up to 28 days, which means you have no good excuse for getting lost in a city anymore.

Tell your bank about your moves

There’s nothing worse than having your funds cut off mid-jaunt, especially when it’s something you could have avoided in the first place. Get onto your bank about your travel plans before shooting off, or that first transaction in Abu Dhabi could set their fraud detectors off and leave you in the lurch big time. Most banks have an easy email contact for this sort of stuff – drop them a quick message to stay funded.

Roam freely


Image: Josh Felise / Unsplash

Ever return home from a holiday to an enormous phone bill? If you’re planning to activate data roaming while on vacay, it pays to do your homework and check what kind of charges you’re looking at before you leave. There are some pretty great roaming deals around nowadays, and your bank account will thank you for the consideration. With a Qantas Red plan from Vodafone, international roaming is just $5 a day (so just $5 extra per day on top of your normal bill) so you can find your friends and Google good nearby restaurants without worry. If you’re traveling to New Zealand, that $5 roaming charge is completely free. Bill shock is over, people.

Be carry smart

With so many materials, shapes, designs and sizes on the market these days, there’s a piece of luggage out there for everyone’s specifications. It’s a good idea to consider the length of your trip and size up exactly what you need to take with you. Common sense prevails: if you’re bound for Bangkok, keep the winter coat at home. Stay away from hefty items, keep things compact and simple, and reap the benefits of a smart, user-friendly swag.

Buy insurance

Can’t afford it? Can’t travel. Simple as that folks. Make sure you’re covered for full medical, luggage and extras, and always read the fine print.

Pack light

Stroller bag is bursting with jackets, boots and a kitchen sink? You’re doing it wrong – so too if your backpack is destroying your vertebrae with each clench and twist. Re-consider the booty, friends: strip back to bare necessities, a few cheeky additionals, and relish in the joys of a super-light kit.

Keep your luggage weight in check

If you’re a stickler for over packing, or suffer from paranoia that you’ve stashed more kgs than your ticket will allow, pick yourself up a neat luggage weight, test your bulk before bouncing, and avert the check-in sweats. There is an endless variety of solid hand-held choices these days, digital and old school, all effortlessly tote-able and totally worth their weight in hassle-free goodness.

Invest in an RFID Wallet

Though reportable real-world cases remain virtually non-existent, the radio frequency chips in today’s line of credit cards and e-passports can present a unique risk when at home or abroad. Today, many wallet and carry companies are churning out Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blockers, giving you an extra level of e-protection in today’s rapidly shifting, and unpredictable, security world.

Register your trip with Smart Traveller

Consider registering your trip and itinerary with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Smart Traveller portal. It’s a wild world out there, and anything can happen – Smart Traveller will keep you connected and posted on fresh destination info that might impact your trip or your safety, while keeping tabs of your movements in the event of an emergency.

Never underestimate a pen and some paper


Image: Nirzar Pangarkar / Unsplash

It’s easy to forget that only a decade or so ago, a wristwatch was the height of globetrotting tech. For all the gadgets and gizmos vying to make our transits smoother these days, some of the handiest come from the old school. When it comes to departure cards, phone numbers, inspirations, and info on the go, the pen is indeed mightier than the iPhone 6. Carry a sharp ballpoint in that travel kit, and throw in a handy notebook to boot.

Born to roam? Take up a Qantas Red plan from Vodafone to earn Qantas Points on your phone bill and only pay $5 extra a day for international roaming (and no extra money for Romaing rates in New Zealand). Sign up online here.

(Lead image: Pexels)