Some Hero Made An Interactive Map Of The World’s Most Photogenic Places

This just made your trip planning so much easier.

Admit it: we all want to come home with rad travel photos. Now that’ll be easier than ever thanks to this 22-year-old legend.

Mike Wong from Switzerland combined his expertise in coding and photography to create the website PhotoSpots. Powered by Google Maps, the site uses geo-tagging from photo-sharing site 500px to show keen photographers what they can expect to capture in every part of the world. The interactive map automatically pulls 10,000 photos from 500px each day, creating a heat map which shows the areas of the world that are ~so on trend right now~.

PhotoSpots screen grab

Thumbnail photos of each location come up in a bar along the bottom of the map when you zoom in and out, effectively showing people the sights they can expect to see (and Instagram) at each destination.

PhotoSpots screen grab

It’s a pretty useful way to research your list of must-sees on your next holiday. Wong also plans to introduce interest filters moving forward to categorise things like nature or cities.

Budding photographers can check out the site here.

(H/T Lonely Planet)