These Are The Skills You Didn’t Know You Were Picking Up While Travelling Abroad

Some say travel is the best form of education. While exploring the world you gain valuable insight into other people’s cultures, a crash course in history and discover what a tiny place you occupy in this world.

But what if we told you you’re learning and acquiring a bunch of other totally important and employable skills without even knowing it?

A recent study conducted by Hostelworld says there are a bunch of professional abilities you pick up and develop while travelling.

The study shows that overall, people felt more self-proficient after travelling. The top professional skills cultivated while travelling were communication, adaptability and self-motivation (59, 56, and 51 percent respectively).


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And interestingly, these skills are also abilities non-travellers anticipate to be vital for survival in the professional world, ranking communication and adaptability as the top two, followed by time management (74, 62 and 53 percent respectively).

So, next time someone’s on your back for travelling too much, let them know you’re too busy bolstering your life skills to listen to their BS.

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