Seth Rogen Will Be The New Voice Of Vancouver’s Public Transport System

While exploring a foreign land, any sense of familiarity is enough to ease the nerves. So if you’re planning a trip to Canada soon, rest easy knowing famous funny man and loveable idiot, Seth Rogen will be there to tag along for the ride. Well, kinda.

Rogen will fill the role as a guest announcer on the Vancouver transit system to ensure you get from A to B as safely as can be.

The actor took to Twitter to drop the news of his latest gig, in a trailer-like video made by Vancouver’s public transport authority, TransLink.

The role became available to the Vancouver local after a planned collaboration with Morgan Freeman never came to fruition. Following the news, commuters took to Twitter to ask the question: which famous Canadian could fill the role?

After Seth’s name was thrown around a few times, the actor tweeted at TransLink that he’d be keen, and willing to do it for free. The rest is history.

No firm date has been set as to when commuters will be graced with Rogen’s sweet, husky voice, but TransLink did promise it’ll happen in the next few weeks.

Keep an ear out.

(Lead image: Gage Skidmore / Flickr)