The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Is Coming To Tokyo

The first time the renowned museum will open its doors outside the USA.

Cleveland, Ohio’s famous Rock And Roll Hall of Fame is gearing up to open a new branch in Tokyo, Japan. It marks the first time the Rock Hall has ever been opened outside the US.

A short-term exhibition will open this September, featuring a number of temporarily borrowed items from the Cleveland museum, including rare Beatles memorabilia. A permanent space will open later; like Cleveland, it is expected to also feature live music, food and interactive exhibitions as well as the museum itself.

Rock And Roll Hall of Fame

Greg Harris, CEO and president of the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame said, “Rock and roll is a universal language and this is an incredible opportunity for us to collaborate with the Japan Project Production Committee to deliver an exciting experience internationally.”

“You really see this huge demand for western culture over there,” added Todd Mesek, Vice President of Marketing and Communications with the Rock Hall. “Rock & Roll, blue jeans, the touch points of American culture are really hot commodities over there.”

Rock And Roll Hall of Fame

Keep an eye out for more details in the coming months, including official dates, locations and specific exhibitions.

(All images: Rock And Roll Hall of Fame/Facebook)