Renting This Entire Island Is Surprisingly Affordable

Is this Airbnb's best listing?

Is your idea of a holiday about getting as far away from everyone else as possible? Then boy, have we found the spot for you.

You can Airbnb this entire island off the coast of Belize, and – bonus – it’s surprisingly affordable.


Breathe it in.

For just $531AUD per night, you can rent Bird Island for four people (so somewhat reasonable once you split it) and have the whole place to yourselves. Oh, and that cost includes transfers there and back, as well as all of the swimming, snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, and other fun-time water activities you can think of.


No man is an island, but your Airbnb is.

The private island is set on an atoll just a 20 minute boat ride from the resort town of Placencia. It’s worth nothing, though, that Bird Island is not a resort – instead the basic accommodation suits resourceful types who can self-cater for a few days of solitude. There’s a kitchen full of condiments and a BBQ for cooking, but all substantial food should be carried across with you. It’s not all rough living though; the island – thank your Instagram gods – comes with free Wi-Fi.


Nice spot for it.

Bird Island has a minimum stay of three nights and a maximum stay of five, and you can check out the listing here.

(Photos: Airbnb)