Read Yourself To Sleep At This New Tokyo Bed And Book Hostel

Calling all bookworms.

You know that feeling where your eyelids are drooping shut but you just want to read one more sentence…one more page…one more chapter? Tokyo now has you covered, with the opening of the Book And Bed Hostel – which is every bit as wonderful as it sounds.

Settle in with a good book on one of the couches lining the hotel’s lobby space and while away your hours in your own little fantasy land. Then when the old eyes do feel a bit heavy, retreat to your own little bedroom nook – with just enough room for you, a good book, reading light and your laptop (come on, this is Japan) – and drift from one dreamland into another. Ideal, or what?

It’s mega-cheap for Tokyo, too. For just over $51AUD, you’ll get the bigger of the two bed nooks, as well as shared bathroom access for a night. Winner! And if you haven’t got much time in Tokyo, just stay for an afternoon with reduced rates for those who don’t need a bed, but just want to curl up, read and escape the outside world for a while.

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