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Rainbow Croissants Are As Pretty As You’d Expect, And You Can Eat Them Right Now

Maybe too pretty to eat? ... Nah.

The Executive Pastry Chef at Hotel Café Royal in London has invented a pastry so delicious, so colourful, so… happy that we’re not even sure if we’re worthy of it.

That’s right, folks. The rainbow croissant is here to change our lives. Sarah Barber and the team at London’s Hotel Café Royal have been test-driving the perfect rainbow croissant for quite some time, and now they’re ready for you to eat it.

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Speaking to Lonely Planet, Barber said that she wanted to do something that “had the wow-factor and hadn’t been done before”. Earlier in the year, she put a raspberry and rose croissant on the menu and it proved to be extremely popular. What’s next? She says she’d like to make a lemon meringue croissant. We’re not complaining.

Check out this mesmerising video of the rainbow croissants being made:

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You can order the colourful pastries now from The Cafe, within the Hotel Café Royal. But you should get in quick, because we don’t think they’ll last too long.

(Lead image: sbpatisserie)